Recording speed (?) change

One of my students recorded an interview with Audacity and, upon playback, the audio becomes garbled after about three minutes. It is a sharp change, not a progressive degradation, but the problem persists throughout the rest of the interview.

The student is running Windows 8 with Audacity 2.1.2 from the .exe installer.

I have attached a short sample from just before the glitch to just after it. Any suggestions would be appreciated… especially because I have another 90 students embarking on the same project in the next few days and we’re hoping to avoid problems like this.

Many thanks,

Andrew Roy

You can’t fix the glitch. How is it being recorded (makes and model numbers of equipment are good).


Students are using the following configuration with their built-in mic:

​Lenovo 11e clamshell
​Windows 8.1 Pro
Intel Celeron 1.86 GHz​ quadcore​
4 GB Memory 500 GB HDD
​Realtec codec

We do this project every year and haven’t had many tech problems (which is why we love Audacity), so this may be a unique situation on this particular student’s computer. I worry, though, because there’s no way for the interviewer to know if their audio is working without stopping the interview, checking, and then restarting.

Thanks in advance for any advice you may have.

The built-in sound card should have drivers matched with the computer

Each computer should have its own installation of Audacity. Don’t try to record over a network.

Inspect the enhancements that are turned on for the internal mic in Windows Sound. See Try turning all enhancements off unless the recording has too much noise or reverberation.