Recording Speed Automatically Shifting

Hi, forum! I am running Audacity on Windows 10 through a Blue Yeti microphone. (Not Blue Yeti Pro.) I am a piano teacher and use the software to create audio files for student projects.

I’ve noticed lately that about every third time I plug in the microphone I have some issue with the recording speed automatically changing so that my audio plays back with a very deep or very high, chipmunk tone. Sometimes the speed changes mid-recording so that an otherwise note perfect take (not easy to get with young kids) is ruined. Uninstalling and reinstalling the program seems to fix things for a few uses, but since my students pay for my time, it stinks to have to use lesson time to reinstall the program each time it glitches out.

Has anyone else had trouble with this or found a fix?


Windows (basic) own-brand sound-recorder is worth a try to determine if Audacity is the culprit.

Gee… This has been happening to a lot of people lately…

It’s almost always a hardware or a driver problem.

Speed and pitch are related to the sample rate. The Yeti runs at 48kHz. The drivers are supposed to take care of any required conversions, but try setting your Audacity Project Rate (lower left of the Audacity Window) to 48000, if it’s not already. It’s also the driver’s job to make sure the hardware, software, drivers, and files are “working together” without messing-up the speed/pitch. However, if the hardware clock in your soundcard or USB microphone is running a little fast or a little slow, the drivers won’t know that.

Are you running any other applications while recording?

Do you know if it’s a recording problem or a playback problem? i.e. If the same recording speeds-up and pitches-up at the same place every time you play it, that’s a recording problem. If random things happen during playback, that’s a playback problem.

If it’s not “permanently” in the recording, what are you using for playback? …I assume the soundcard built-into your computer with an analog connection to speakers or headphones?