Recording sounds worbled/underwater

I just installed the version 2.0.5 on my Windows 8. I am using a cassette player, connecting it to my pc mic input on one end, and to the headphone jack on the cassette player. When I record a track, and play it back, it does not sound full, although it is there, it sounds worbled in places, very wavey. You can tell that it has been converted somehow and does not have a good reproduction quality at all. I see where most who use this program says that it works really well, I am a first time user and just really cant get the recorded version to sound right. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am using a Sony jam box. I have not made any changes on my HP Computer. Thanks.

Problem one is you can’t connect a stereo device to your Mic-In.

You may have one of a celebrity laptops that can switch between Mic-In and Stereo-Line-In, consult your instructions. I use a Behringer UCA202 for the interface.

There are others. Be sure and not buy something like the Startech ICUSBAUDIO which just gives you another Mic-In.

The next problem is turning off Windows Enhanced Services.

This is a service generally used with a real microphone…
…for connection to Skype or other communications service.


Thanks for the help. I will try this tonight when I get home. I have used the ION software with the turntable, it worked fine. I really like Audacity and its features. So if I am understanding correctly, I cannot use the small headphone male jack to from the headphone out jack of the tape player to the mic in on my HP Computer? My computer is an HP Envy Touchsmart with Windows 8, (Windows 8 is the source of many problems we have had), I do not have a dedicated line-in jack, so I am assuming that the jack is dual and will switch. I will go in and try cutting the enhancement off and see if that helps. If I go with the Behringer UCA-202, will Audacity recognize it? Sounds like this interface may be what I need to go with my system, I also have a Tascam cassette deck with LINE-OUT. Thanks again, I appreciate your help.

That is OK if it is a USB turntable connected to the computer via USB.

Unless you can switch it to line level input, you will at best get mono input or poor quality stereo, and you will have to keep the output level from the tape well down and the input level in Audacity well down.

You may or may not find the recording acceptable after checking for noise cancellation and other corrective enhancements. Those are meant for correction of internet and conference calls.

Also your computer has “Beats Audio” according to its specifications which is widely regarded as giving terrible sound.

In what way exactly?

I would be surprised if you could switch given it’s a touch computer. Look in Windows Sound ( Missing features - Audacity Support ) and in the control panel for “Beats Audio” if it has such.

Yes if you connect UCA 202 before launching Audacity. If Beats Audio is as useless as others have said, you can use the UCA 202 as a playback device for the computer.

UCA 202 does not have stereo mix recording, nor does it have an input for an external mic if you want that.