Recording sounds odd... as if missing microseconds

Kindly help…

I am a newbie to the world of Audacity. I have been trying to record a piece, but even after keeping a low gain, the audio sounds very odd. You need to hear it to figure out. Microseconds of the voice are getting garbled with a slight metallic tone. I have uploaded the same. I am using a Yeti Pro with a Cardioid Setting. Hear between 3.0 and 3.5 seconds… this kind of thing is spread out in the entire recording of 3 minutes in some 5-6 places.


Pratapaditya C

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Hi Trebor! Thanks… Have you experienced this before? I have a 1TB HDD (not even 50% occupied) with 8GB RAM. I will gollow the instructions and then see whether this repeats.

I have found it is necessary to give some audio software “above normal” CPU-priority to cure skipping.