Recording sounds hollow

Hi team…I have updated Audacity to 2.1.2 with.dmg installer. OSX version is 10.12.3 Sierra.
I have tried recording a song from my Lenoxx player to my Mac, although the song is there it sounds very hollow or tinny. Are you able to help with the correct settings for recording to PC please as I am not sure of the right ones.

Macs do not have a built-in way to record computer playback - you are probably recording from the internal mic, which of course sounds terrible.

The best free solution is to use Soundflower - see Tutorial - Recording Computer Playback on Mac.


The Lenoxx player is an audio CD player. An external one that doesn’t have USB, AFAIK.

So the question is, how is it connected to the Mac?

A jack to jack cable? Then it’s on the TRRS mic connection and that sounds tinny. It’s also mono. If this is right, the OP needs an interface.

Oh I see, I forgot Lenoxx made hardware rather than software.

So if it’s a CD player, and your computer is old enough to have a CD drive, Finder will show you AIFF files for each CD track and you can import the AIFF files into Audacity. Use File > Import > Audio…, or drag the files to the Audacity icon in the Dock, because dragging into Audacity doesn’t work in 2.1.2.

Or it could be this portable cassette player - we just don’t know without more information about the player and what Mac model number it is.


Thankyou Gale & Cyrano
I will download the Soundflower app & hope to improve the sound. I actually followed the instructions on the FAQ page for first recording a vinyl to computer & it does sound a lot better. But I will try soundflower definitely.
In answer to your question how is the Lenoxx connected to my computer…is via USB…It plays vinyls & tapes
Thankyou again for your help

Regards Robyn

Soundflower is for routing sound streams on the computer. It is used for recording audio that you hear playing on the computer. It won’t improve the quality of your recordings unless there is some serious problem with recording over the USB cable, which is the correct way to do it. I only suggested Soundflower because I though Lennox was a player application on your computer, like iTunes.

If recording over USB and choosing the USB Audio CODEC as Audacity recording device still sounds bad, please describe the problem or post an audio sample.


Hi Gale
The Lenoxx I’m using is a USB link to PC / Turntable, Cassette. Model TT500. It does work brilliantly, the trouble started when I moved from an old mac laptop to a new iMac but it seems now that I have done the update with Audacity, the issue is working a lot better.
I’m not very savvy with all the musical words, letters & numbers in Audacity, so I’ve had to do trial & error. I’m hoping my problem is solved now.
Thankyou again for all the help

Regards Robyn

Ha! Someone in Australia fished the old Lennoxx brand out of the canal and is producing this TT500 turntable/cassette player. The turntable even does 78 RPM! It has a ceramic cartridge. That’s real vintage for you! :smiley:

But it’s also the first I saw that directs people to the Audacity website for download. They do provide a file on CD, but it’s a mini-CD, so most people will probably download. At least, that’s what I hope.

Hi cyrano
Yes I suppose the Lenoxx is ancient by todays standards. Unfortunately Australian does lag behind in tech advancements. I purchased the turntable approx 6-7 years ago & it still works really well. From memory I was directed to the Audacity website for the download from the contact dept at Lenoxx. I have just about finished re-recording from vinyl to computer so fingers crossed I have no more problems.
Thanks for the feedback

Regards Robyn