Recording sound in room, not direct from vinyl

I have been recording direct from an Audio-technica turntable, but I must have hit something by mistake because now I am recording the sounds in the room - the sound coming out of the speaker, but also noise in the room. Is there something I hit by mistake that now I need to turn off?

If you jiggled the USB connection to the turntable or even disconnected it or turned it off for a while, Audacity may have “forgotten” how to connect to it. Make sure everything is connected and running and restart Audacity. Click on the Input Device Toolbar just above the blue waves and see if your turntable is there and in stereo.

If you still can’t find it, then there may be something more serious wrong, but this connection reassignment thing is pretty common. Obviously, if you have a bad or erratic USB cable, this dropping connection business will drive you nuts. If it happens multiple time on its own, try a new cable.


I was recording well on my laptop but then something switched so that now I am not recording straight from the turntable. Instead I am recording the sounds in the room - the music coming out of the speaker, background noise, etc. I must have hot something I was not supposed to hit. Any ideas?

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Clearly you are recording from the internal microphone instead of the turntable.

Follow the exact steps 1 to 5 here in the green box “Detecting USB and Firewire devices”: Audacity Manual .

When you get to restart Audacity, ensure in Device Toolbar that you choose the USB Audio CODEC in the third (input) box.