Recording Sound from YouTube Videos.

I’m new at this game so please be patient with me. All I wish to do is to record the sound (music) from YouTube Videos. My OS is a Window 7. I’ve read several articles on how to do it including articles in the Audacity FAQ but ended up a bit “cornfused”. I’ve already downloaded Audacity and also downloaded LAME MP3. I copied an instruction from but what it states is not what I’m seeing in my PC. Can anyone describe to me in simple terms what I need and how to record sound from Youtube?


Why? You can download the videos, assuming you have copyright holders’ permission to record in the first place. Then you get the audio and the video in the original quality. Use your favourite search engine to find out how.

If you want to edit the audio in Audacity, download the video, install FFmpeg, then drag the downloaded video file into Audacity. The audio will then appear in the Audacity waveform.

LAME is only needed for making MP3 files (which give you worse quality than the original audio).

The instructions for recording computer playback are at .