Recording sound from desktop SB Live!

I am trying my hand at a podcast with a couple of freinds and I would need to record the sound the computermakes (Line:0) but when I try and record it, nothing records. The card is the only sound device according to the sound settings.

Any help would be appreciated.

Is that “podcast speak” for wanting to record Skype? If you were doing a straight podcast, you wouldn’t need Stereo-Mix (Self Recording).

You can record “Music Playing On The Computer” with these instructions.

But that won’t necessarily give you both sides of a Skype call. You’ll need to wait for one of the linux elves for the work-arounds for Skype on linux. Y’all have tools not available to Windows and Mac.


There is an article about recording sounds that are playing on the computer on Linux:

For recoding Skype, the easiest way is probably with Skype Call Recorder