Recording Sound Coming from PC


I am running Audacity 2.3.3 on Windows 11. I am trying to record sound coming from my computers speakers. I select Windows WASAPI, Recording Device - Speakers (Loopback), Channels - 4 (I get errors when I try any different channels), Playback - Speakers. I can successfully record the audio and playback within Audacity sounds fine but when I export it and play it back I can barely hear the audio and there is static (I do normalize it before exporting). Any idea what I’m doing wrong? Thanks!

If it “sounds fine”, don’t “normalize it before exporting”.

If you are exporting as mp3, allow 2dB headroom, (i.e. Amplify so new peak is -2dB), otherwise the conversion to mp3 can increase some peaks higher than 0dB, (i.e. clipping, which sounds like static).
2dB headroom.jpg


Thank you so much for your help! I skipped normalization and then changed the new peak amplitude but that make it to where you could almost not hear what I was recording (like it was before). So I backed up and recorded again, skipping the Amplify part and the normalization and it then exported and it sounds good. The strange thing is my Amplification is only .669. Is there a way to increase that? Would it result in an even better sound? Thanks!

(Soft) Limiter with make-up gain will make it louder.

[Again always allow some headroom when making a MP3 to avoid clipping].

Ok, thanks again for all your help!