Recording songs and having no bass

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You did Effect > Vocal Removal on the original song and the gutless track is the result. Vocal Removal doesn’t just take the voices out. It takes out everything in the stereo left-right middle and the bass notes happened to be in the middle.

Many times drums go, too.

Like this clip:

There’s no good way out. If the song isn’t available as a karaoke version, then there isn’t any good way to get there. We have posters who use Overdubbing to make the whole song, instrument by instrument. layer after layer.


If you are using the Audacity “Vocal Remover” effect, use the “Remove frequency band” option with a lower frequency of at least 300 Hz. That will help to avoid losing the bass as a consequence of the effect.

If you are not using the Vocal Remover effect, please tell us exactly what you are doing.