Recording Song too fast

I am running Audacity on a virtual machine with xUbuntu 13.10 and the problem I am experiencing is the following:
Audacity records a song slightly too fast. Meaning 1min real time relates to 1 min 5 sec in audacity. My questions now are:

  1. How can I assure that the time audacity records matches the real world time?

And if question 1 is not easy answerable:

  1. Is there a way to correct the recording losslessly if I know the exact factor between real world and audacity times?

Thx in advance for any help, link or suggestion!
Best regards

You can consider that the recording is going too fast, or you can consider what’s probably really happening which is the recording was happening too slow. The computer or some part of the recording system isn’t working fast enough to capture all the audio data. I’d be surprised if the show was off in a stable manner such that you can easily correct it. It’s possible that the capture speed varies constantly across the show.

So your task is to speed that puppy up and the problem will more than likely vanish.


Hey kozikowski,
thank you for your posting and I think you are probably right. I googled a little around and found multiple issues with timing in virtual machines. So it appears that it is not an issue with audacity but with the vm itself. But maybe there is someone around that found a solution to that problem, which I would still be very happy to know about!

Running time critical applications in a virtual machine is always likely to pose problems. Newer core i3 / i5 processors are better suited as they have built in virtual machine optimisations.
Being that Audacity is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, why not run Audacity on real hardware and avoid the problem altogether?

Hey steve,
I even have an i7 installed on my machine, but the downside is, that I do not have admin privileges on my suse system which also is veeeeery outdated thanks to my employer^^ So the only chance I have, if I do not want to install everything locally (which is a lot) to run it in a virtual machine. Maybe I just do the recordings with the limited time I have at home^^