recording (SOLVED)

What are the settings for djingen? Beacause I hear a lot of noise when Irecord when i djing. The bass completly gone… Somtimes I hear the music but not loud…
Can somebody help me?

thank you guys for your help

dj nelis

What kind of DJ equipment do you have and how do you have it connected, and to what kind of computer? Windows can have many sound settings that don’t like music very much.


i play on cdj 2000 nexus. two cables go to record out and one go in to microphone in. i have acer laptop windows. How can i see of my soundcard suitable is for my laptop?

You need a sound card that has “stereo, line level inputs”.
I don’t know if your Acer laptop has that or not. Some laptops only have a “mono microphone” input.

If your laptop has a stereo, line level input, then you will need a “2 x CRA to stereo mini-jack” lead to connect the “Audio Out” (on the back of the CDJ 2000 Nexus) to the line input on the laptop.

If your laptop does not have a stereo, line level input, then you can use a USB sound card. The USB sound card must have a stereo, line level input.
With an appropriate audio lead you would then connect the “Audio Out” (on the back of the CDJ 2000 Nexus) to the line input of the USB sound card, and the USB connector of the sound card to a USB socket on the computer.

When this is all connected, open the Windows Sound Control Panel and check that Windows is receiving an audio signal when you play music on the Nexus.

Assuming that Windows is receiving audio from the Nexus, open Audacity and ensure that the recording input in the device toolbar is set to the audio input that you are using (either the “stereo line in” on your laptop, or the USB audio interface, depending on which you are using).

Thank you for helping me out. It works so you can close the topic :smiley: