Recording Skype via Blue Yeti on Mac

Im very new to recording and am loving getting my head round Audacity. Have come across a snag. I have a Blue Yeti (not pro)
It has a headphone jack on mic itself and I would like to record a Skype call live to Audacity and have Skype settings mac settings and audacity setting all set to yeti input and output and Audacity records me but not Skype or any other sounds for that mater that come from my mac which I am hearing through my headphones.

Would love some help here please

Running Mountain Lion

Audacity cannot record two input sources at once.

On Mac you will probably have to pay for a specialised recording program. You could try
Audio Hijack Pro from .

If you must record Skype with Audacity you have to use LineIn ( and Soundflower ( ) .

These settings have been claimed to work. If you try them, do please let us know if they work for you.

Soundflower settings:

Audio output: USB Mic
Audio Input: Soundflower (2ch)

Audio output: Soundflower (2ch)
Audio input: Soundflower (2ch)

System Preferences/Sound:
Output: USB Mic
Input: USB Mic

LineIn Application:
Input from: USB Mic
Output to SoundFlower (2ch)