Recording Skype and microphone

I am currently unable to record both a Skype conversation AND a microphone input to my computer. I have a strong feeling I am making a very simple mistake, but cannot find anything obvious. I am using the WASAPI setting, but as stated cannot record both the Mixer (output audio from Skype call) and any selected microphone. I am on Windows 10 using a USB input microphone, and Audacity 2.1.2, from the .exe download. Any help/advice is appreciated.

I am currently unable to record both a Skype conversation AND a microphone input to my computer.

Skype is notoriously difficult to record. Most people use a special purpose application like [u]Pamela[/u]. But, I don’t know about recording both sides of a phone conversation plus a microphone.

You can try Voicemeeter Banana.

If you want Skype in stereo and the microphone recording separately, you will probably have to use one application to record Skype from Banana and another application to record the microphone from Banana. You could record Skype with Pamela and the microphone with Audacity but that might work less well than using Voicemeeter. You could ask the Voicemeeter author if you need help.


At the risk of getting lost here, the goal of Pamela (the two upper licenses)…

…is to record your microphone and the far side conversation as separate channels of a stereo recording. Bring the stereo recording into Audacity, split them into mono and process them independently as needed. Audacity will combine them into one mono recording when you Export to a sound file.

That process is relatively standard parts and programs. We’ve only had two complaints about Pamela, one, the user was not running the software correctly—fixed—and the other was an odd Windows 10 problem that even a call to Pamela couldn’t unravel.

I’ve never met a Skype Mixer and if you’re doing anything massively complex in order to make this work, maybe you’re just using the wrong software. Classically, Audacity can’t do this by itself except for one or two “celebrity” producers who lucked out and are looking at the rest of us like we’re nuts.

In addition.

Once you pass a complex threshold, you end up using two computers. That’s how I did it (this is a test recording).

And that’s how Pando Podcast and several others did it.

The music is in stereo, too. You can do that when you’re not trying to smash everything onto one machine. Denise is on the US east coast and I’m on the west.


You can record stereo Skype and mic mixed into it using the Voicemeeter products and Audacity.


Voicermeeter has a recorder. You use Audacity for post-production processing?

I haven’t dug in the manual yet, but I wonder if you can record multi-channels.

And at the other end, I wonder how they avoid collisions if you’re trying to play music from a local app into Voicemeeter as well as all the other controls.


Yes as I understand it the integrated recorder in “Voicemeeter Banana” can record up to 8 channels.

The standard “Voicemeeter” does not have a recorder.


Now all they need is Mac and Linux versions and they’ll have this whole thing licked.