Recording Skips in higher end machine

Hi all,

I’m having a skipping problem in my recordings. SAMPLES ATTACHED

Audacity 2.1.0 portable from Softpedia. Its a .paf file.

OS is is windows 8.1 pro.

System: Dell XPS i7-4790 3.6ghz/3.9 turbo - 16gb ddr3 ram - Nvidia GTX745 4gb graphics card - 1tb 7200rpm hdd

Microphone - Blue Yeti usb desktop mic

Issue is skipping in my recordings. There are no other applications running in the background when I record audio. I checked task mgr and process mgr and
verfied nothing anomalous is using resources in the background and this system has plenty of available resources. More than capable of what I use it for.
BTW it’s my work machine…not home. The IT mgr popped in but has other high end issues to deal with and isn’t sure what’s causing this
problem since I’ve covered the basics. Both the Microphone and Audacity are set for 44100hz rate /16bit. Audio buffer set to 100ms - Overdub enabled
(not that I use it) and Software playthrough is disabled. I also disabled something in windows that said (lowers volume if communications are detected) but
I don’t use my machine with a modem or VOIP service. I turned it off anyway. I also checked the possibility of AV scanning or using resources but we use
Symantec cloud so its not installed locally on my machine and scheduled scans are set for after hours or weekends. Our systems are also set to inform of
available updates (OS and driver) but NOT install them unless we approve so I know updates aren’t running in the background either.
Far as I can tell its not a system or OS issue. The skips are random and may only happen 1 or 2 times in a 2-4min recording. This was only a random occurrence over the past several months but has been increasing in frequency and happened 4times yesterday in 4 separate tracks. After the first two times I closed Audacity and re-opened it but it made no difference.

Another thought occurred to me as well. Could it be the mic? Since the Yeti has an A to D converter in it to turn analog audio into a digital signal then send it to the PC via USB…could something be wrong with the MIC circuitry? And no…I don’t have another mic to test with.

My first though was Audacity…but… Idunno…I’m not quite sure what else to look for or try next. Anyone have any ideas or a way to tell if its the MIC or audacity causing this?


Thanks in advance to any responders,

Windows has a built-in audio recorder …
If you try recording with that, and the same problem occurs , then it’s not specific to audacity.

You could increase the CPU priority of Audacity, making it less likely to be interrupted ,
increasing the priority is easily reversed if it doesn’t cure the problem …

Have you disconnect from the internet whilst recording ? , That can interrupt about once or twice a minute to check the internet connection is still alive.

So Audacity is on a memory stick/card ? . Writing data to the memory stick/card could be the bottle-neck which is causing the skipping.

Thanks for the fast reply. Wasn’t even thinking about testing with the built in windows recording app. Don’t need another mic to see if thats the issue. Just test with a different recording application and see if that fails. If it does its likely the mic.
I’ve been looking at this too long. I should’ve come up with that one! DUH! LOL!!

I guess I could just set the mic next to my desktop speakers and record some youtube audio or something rather than sit there talking then see if it skips during playback. Of course then I have to sit there listening back to that nasty
audio in its entirety to see if it drops out and will need to do several tests to verify results if it doesn’t. I guess theres no easy way to test it but at least there is a way.

BTW…paf the version of audacity is portable but only in that its an application vs a program you have to install. Its on my hard drive. Not on a usb stick. But that does get me thinking… I wonder if the regular install version would have the
same issue? Either version would load dll files needed to run the program into ram first so I don’t know if it would matter. Maybe it has something to do with how it writes the data. Hmmm… certainly worth testing.

Thanks for the creative juices. Least I’ve got a couple new angles to hit this from.

Let you know if I find anything out.

Have a good weekend!

record some youtube audio

Probably not a good idea. That means the computer has to manage the YouTube audio and the Audacity recording, all in real time. Most people have a hard time making their recording rooms (“studio”) quiet enough for good quality recording. Just leave the microphone recording computer fan noises or other Room Tone. I have a portable radio I can turn on or the TV.


There is a longer list of solutions you can try at

You could do the DPC test at the bottom of that page.