Recording sermon audio through soundboard


I’m trying to record sermons so that we can upload them to our website. We use a Yamaha MG32/14X soundboard with a wireless mic headset. I plugged a 1/4" to 1/8" audio cable from an aux send port on the soundboard to the “in line” port on our mac. I don’t have any sound tech training or even much knowledge for that matter. I can record with audacity through the mic on the computer but can’t get it to record through the mic. Do you know what I’m missing or should do? Is there something I need to change of the mac system preferences? Any suggestions would be helpful.

Thank you!

to the “in line” port on our mac.

Does it look like the socket on the left?

If it doesn’t, then you don’t have a Stereo Line-In. Many new computers don’t.

There is one other possibility of failure. Figure out a way to plug headphones or earbuds into the mixing board in place of the computer — into the Aux Send. Send music through the board. You may be surprised that you’re sending nothing to that connection. The headphones will not blow your head off with high volume, but you should hear something. If you hear dead silence, then the board is set up wrong.


Thank you, Koz! I’ll look into that and see if it resolves the issue.

If the board is set up OK, then you may just need a stereo digital interface. I have a couple of these and there are some at work. They run very well.

That’s a Behringer UCA-202. The UCA-222 and UFO-202 can all be made to work. Other makers produce similar equipment.