recording seperate tracks

Is there a way to playback the first track while recording, without recording it to the 2nd track?

You’ve got the wrong input selected. You need the Line In or Mic In, not Stereo Mix (or similar). Also make sure “play other tracks while recording new one” is selected and “software playthrough” is not selected.

All this is in Audacity’s Edit → Preferences → Audio I/O menu.

I did all of that already and its still not working.

If that’s true, then you must have a plug running from your Speaker output back into your Line In or Mic In. You probably don’t, though.

I suspect you don’t actually have it set up right. Most likely you’ve still got the wrong recording source selected, but I can’t say for sure. Let us know what your recording chain looks like, and what equipment your using and we can continue helping.

I found out what was wrong, and it solved the problem for the most part, but it still can be heard really faint…

Are you recording with a microphone? You need to monitor using headphones when recording with a microphone. Speakers won’t cut it. You also need to turn the volume down on the headphones to cut back on sound leaking out the headphones and into the microphone.


I also have the same problem, i was wondering if you could please post what you did to fix it.


P.S. Be very descriptive please.