Recording saved only as data file, no aup. [SOLVED]

I record the Sunday church service every week, but this week, when I hit ‘SAVE PROJECT AS’, and I gave it a title, then hit ‘return’, I saw the green bar moving, to show it was saving, but when I came to open it later, in RECENT, it was not there. So I looked in ‘MUSIC’ and there the title was, but only as a data file. No aup. So I cannot open the file, to edit it and put it on to a CD and on to the internet.
I’ve looked this up in the manual, but it’s just beyond my understanding, sorry.
Can anyone help? Many thanks.

Did you let the green bar complete? You must not shut down the computer while the green bar is still moving.

This is the page you want in the Manual:

In other words, find the Audacity temporary folder, use xplorer2 Pro/Ultimate to rename the AU files in timestamp order, then make a new WAV from that timestamp-sorted data using the 1.2 Recovery Utility.


I did let the green bar complete.

I am glad to say that I found the aup file after all - so I was able to bring up my recording as normal, to edit and copy onto CD.
The strange thing was that it had not registered under ‘recent’ files, which was why I thought it had not saved it at all.
But all is well, and I thank you for your help and patience with me.