Recording result sounds thin out of phase

I have an HP desktop running Windows 7 home premium, service pack 1. I have Audacity 2.0.2. The computer has Beats ™ audio. I have a persistent problem of recording streaming audio. I do not have a microphone and have not recently tried to record by Line In, so I don’t know if the problem would show there as well. The music stream sounds good while streaming. Recording seems to go quite well, but the recorded file on play back is thin, poor bass, with a sort of phasing echo to voices - the latter is akin to voice sounds over satellite radio and some internet voice transmission (I don’t use Skype or VOIP).

I have disabled every software enhancement I can find on the speakers, etc. I have turned off, I believe, Beats Audio.

The computer uses motherboard audio. I was thinking of purchasing a sound card to try to get away from the problem - it just seems like something to try.

Any suggestions?

You may not have turned enough things off. That sounds like Windows Enhanced Audio doing its thing. This will be there whether or not you run Skype.


The soundcard may have inbuilt “enhancements” for VOIP which are on by default and which ruin music recordings.
If so the controls for the soundcard (which is nothing to do with Audacity or Windows ) should have options where you can uncheck these VOIP “enhancements” , (may be called “noise reduction” “echo cancellation” or include the word “filtering”) … Wierd Sound with Microphone.. - #11 by Godwinlee

Here is the report. I checked for enhancements to disable - found none. On a test to see if this was a recording or playback issue, I played older tracks. They too were thin. I then turned on the HP Beats Audio and then the normal sound came back. I might have thought I would get clean play-through w/o such software at work but I was wrong. Clearly, something is going on.

This is not a recording issue and not an Audacity issue.

Thanks for your suggestions.