Recording recovery fail

Hello there I have recently just started using audacity and the first time I have problems I recorded a live mix about 4 hours long and the bars were moving rapid and the programme was fine up to the point of clicking save as ect. I have done my research and downloaded the recovery tool to which I am getting the same error which is
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 157, in ?
File “”, line 115, in MainLoop
File “aufile.pyo”, line 46, in init
that’s in the notes and on the main error it says programme files/(86x) audacity ect. I have deleted the esact au file it was coming up with the erroer but still no luck I am running windows 7 and the latest audacity !

Please do not use “ect” to shorten the details - all the detail is important.

In particular, what version of Audacity do you have (all three numbers from Help > About Audacity…)?

What were you doing when there was a crash - was it saving a project or exporting an audio file like WAV or MP3? If you have a 2.0. version of Audacity as you should have, there may be no need to use the Audacity 1.2 Recovery tool - if you restart Audacity it should offer to recover the recording. If you tried restarting Audacity already, exactly what happened when you did that?

And if you were trying to save a project, does the AUP file for that project exist, or do you now only have the _data folder?

Open the Recycle Bin and restore the AU files you deleted, before you do anything else.

If you actually need to use the 1.2 Recovery Utility, the AU files must be sorted in timestamp order then renamed so the file names follow a continuous alphanumerical sequence. Also you should not give the 1.2 Recovery Utility more than four “d” folders of AU files at a time - that is, no more than about 1000 AU files.


I believe I am using audacity 1.2 as the temporary file section of it is stated like that the recovery programme is 1.1. Also the amount of folders it is trying to recover is 262 so it is not at its limit.

We no longer offer support for Audacity 1.2. - please see the pink panel at the top of this page. Open Audacity and give us all three numbers from Help > About Audacity… (or hover your computer mouse over audacity.exe, or right-click over it and choose Properties).

If you are actually using a 1.2 version of Audacity, there is no need to time sort the AU files or rename them.

The practical limit is 1000 AU files, not 1000 folders containing AU files. So don’t try to recover more than 1000 AU files at a time. If it was a stereo recording, set the number of channels in the 1.2 Recovery Utility to 2.


As above I am running 1.2 I have double checked also it is 100% just 262 files needed to recover and it says there are 262 files needed for recovery I have clicked to recover in stereo and it still errors this is so frustrating its unbelievable considering I have still got to try and piece together this as it is if it is recovered. :cry:

We never made Audacity 1.2. The 1.2 version numbers are 1.2 then a third number.

Unfortunately, there is no longer any support for Audacity 1.2.. The latest Audacity version is 2.0.6. Please upgrade to 2.0.6.

The crash you had may well be because we ceased development for the Audacity 1.2 series before Windows 7 was even released - in other words, 1.2 was never intended for Windows 7. Audacity 1.2 versions also have no method of recovering from a crash.

I suggest you re-read Are you sure the 262 files you are recovering really have continuous file names like “”, “”, “”, “”… ? What are the first four names you have if you sort the files by name?

Also, if the recording was really 4 hours long and you only have 262 AU files, you can’t possibly have all the recording unless you recorded it at an extremely low project rate. And if you did that, it will sound very dull and muffled, and can never be improved.


hello there gale I have finally got the pieces back to the recording and it is about 3000 files and they are short second frames what is the best way to put this all back together is there a programme which automatically does it

You have already been using such a program. There may be an easier alternative, but not if you were really using Audacity 1.2..

Where are these 3000 files? Are they properly organised, the first 256 files with the earliest time stamps in a “d00” folder, then the next 256 in a “d01” folder and so on?

Open the folder containing these files in Explorer, change to “Details” view then click the “Date modified” column to sort the files by date. What are the exact first four file names of the files with the earliest time stamp? Please write out the entire file name for each file.


is this really the quickest way because I have tried copy and pasting a couple alongside each other and there is mili second stop and starts ?

Sorry we can’t help you unless you can co-operate with us by answering our questions.

I’ll ask again: