Recording records/stores data on timeline at 10x speed (or travels/lags behind by 10:1 seconds)

Not a system or audio card issue. Longtime user.

Old hardware with same exact system OS specs was a 15-year old pentium dual-core with 4G - no problems.
New hardware with same exact system OS specs is a fast i7 cpu with 32G ram, high-end, etc - problems.

Same issue occurred before rebuilding clean to 2.4.0 today.

Simple issue to comprehend — you can see fuller details under GNU/Linux forum I posted. As well other other reports from others regarding “recording issues.” Have to assume this issue relates to Nov 2019 update.

If I hit record, the the cursor/line on timeline travels very slow, where it take 10 seconds to reach the 1 second marker! Inputs work and records data to timeline which results then of sound 10x to fast! Multiple builds test 2.3.3-2.4.0-alpha

Brutal flaw, rendering recording busted.

Sidenote: previous issues fro, 2.3.3 you might want to call for testing reports:

  • Audacity still crashes periodically especially if you have rough 2 hours of audio via 20 tracks (for a firm example). This happens I assume as some processing from basic editing or cursor movement is still active when user clicks around. I thought this was due to older antiquated system but it’s not as my system tested recently is ultra-top end and powered. Linux builds - I know this happens on Arch and CentOS.

Is there anything in this post that isn’t covered in your topic here:
If not, then I can delete this topic to avoid confusion.

You may want to keep this thread. Or rather use the info. I will clone the below and you can decide what and where you want to leave the info.

I just solved the issue BY updating to from v2.3.3.

But I had to do perform the following. Or rather finally did the following and now it works, regarding timeline issue OK.

So now it’s working properly. However, I tried with many attempts of uninstalls, only removing home settings for audacity, and without manual removal of root files of remaining audacity files to NO SUCCESS.

And PS. I have another system, an actual separate machine running same Arch type of arch build still running v2.3.3 without they issue. I know I have also ran v2.3 with input recording I thought at it worked.

So I have no idea why this really happened. Issue occured suprisingly and was only resolved after much p.i.t.r.a attempts:

  • uninstalled audacity. manually deleted all settings in home as well as some leftover odd files in root (i don’t think should have been there? this is a question, i know i said ‘why is that here’ AFTER uninstall and then going to bin, usr folder etc - can’t remember specifics)
  • i then uninstalled pulseaudio
  • then installed v2.4.0 [this probably could have been v2.3.3 as well, doubt there is a difference now]
  • then another clean system reboot.

so certain conditions of the process are clear to me. but i am going to verify and test one more thing…

i am going to now reinstall pulseaudio and a plethora of associated packages i had before. reboot and test. and just see what happens.

but seriously i uninstalled and tested various builds and manually made sure to even delete audacity settings in user home folder. it was only after the above and clearing root level files that it finally resolved the issue.

one more post and then i have done my duty here… :smiley:

OK I have an ABSOLUTE FACT. I just reinstalled Pulseaudio and now have the following list of components installed.

I just quickly installed a laundry list of pulse packages and the issue is back!

I uninstalled pulse and no issues. At first and from prior experience (years ago with some odd app) I suspected it might be pulse. But longstory short I removed it and problem persisted after reboot, something I cannot explain, without exact re-testing and I have no time for that.

Some other package install may have installed one of these causing conflict with audio recording. As a testing note. I may have not had all these installed before, I just opened up a pkg-manager searched and installed a slew + obviously I had one of these installed before causing the exact same conflict.

But the good news is that one of these packages used with pulse has caused this odd problem of the timeline moving 10 seconds per 1 second of realtime in recording process:
libcanberra-pulse (probably just installed this irrelevant, i know)

What I had installed (I know I left these actually installed) - noconflict

OK, since I spent far too much time already on this. I might uninstall some obvious unneccesary packages and report back now to target a more refined list towards the culprit!


I isolated the culprit to one package.


ALSA configuration for PulseAudio

Note this has been recommended with pulseadio install/uninstall INCORRECTLY [as a default] in repo as quote,

“pulseaudio optionally requires pulseaudio-alsa: pulseaudio configuration (recommended)”

Further, regarding Audacity AFTER uninstall of this component that you must delete your audacity-data folder in users’ home folder. If not, you will receive an error message in Audacity “Error opening recording device” / “Error Code -9997”

Finally you must reboot your system (not just logout/in) but re-init your system.

PROBLEM-SOLVED. Hope this helps someone out there.

PS. AUDACITY WISHLIST: Crashes on linux irregardless of system and hardware specs are persistent and too regular. The ‘recover projects’ always works and recovers just fine. However at this point, it’s just expected that Audacity will 90% of time crash if working beyond one humble file and for less than 15 minutes. Just an FYI wish :exclamation: