Recording Rap... [PLEASE READ/HELP]!!!!!!!!

Ok, I posted a topic like this already, and I got some basic answers, but I need a more complex one please, like as to how to record edit my voice, ect…

O.K please don’t use this topic to discuss rap music or whatever, I just need to know a couple things. I am trying to get some of my tracks, or songs, recorded. I really need MAJOR help. I need to know what I should do/download. I have downloaded Audacity too, so if anyone knows any tutorials that will help me. I need something to make/create/edit beats. A program(s) to help me record/alter my voice. Please, please help me. :question: :question:


P.S - If you have any question/concerns please don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks again.

Where is the original thread you started on this topic? I’d be interested in seeing the conversation that already transpired. I asked a similar question in the board about effects concerning voice altering, because I was looking for plug-ins, or other resources which might be used for that. In case you’re interested in the response I received so far, here is the link to the thread I started

For me, when I don’t get the answer(s) I’m seeking I just communicate that much in the same thread if I believe that I might eventually get the desired response(s). That way, the person, or people inclined to respond will know that I’m not satisfied with what’s been offered so far. It’s also an easier way for others that haven’t read the conversation to know what’s already been conveyed before taking a chance of repeating the same advice.


I redirected King from the forum he was in earlier, you can find the original posts here:


It’s still unclear as to what you need to know. Do you need suggestions for equipment, advice on how to get Audacity to do a specific kind of thing, or do you want general advice on how to make quality recordings?

Audacity tutorials:

General Lead Vocal FAQs:

The most important thing to do is to experiment. Experiment until you reach a wall you can’t get over and then let us know exactly what the problem is and we’ll help you.

For the bare bones basics of rap, all you need is a microphone and a good beat.

For a good freeware drum machine, I recommend Hotstepper. After getting Hotstepper, search the Web, there are lots of sites with free drum samples to add to Hotstepper’s default library. Then add a little creativity and you can get some good beats to rap over. Then export your beats from Hotstepper as a wav file, import that wav file into Audacity and record your voice over the beat. (An even easier to use freeware drum machine is Hammerhead, but it is very limited. You’ll outgrow it quickly, but it was a good tool for me to get the basics of putting beats together.)

With just Hotstepper and Audacity, you’ll be limited to the beat and your vocals, you can’t really add bass guitar, piano, strings, etc. But it’s a good start, and just a beat and lyrics can sound amazing if it’s done well. I’ve been using Hotstepper along with Audacity, guitar, bass and vocals and I’m pretty happy with the results.