Recording ram files

Is there any way to record ram files to wave using audacity.

I have a program before that I could convert ram files to wave but that option is no longer available with my dell computer.


If you can play the files, and your sound card gives you access to the “Stereo Mix” (or similar) recording device, then it’s simply a matter of playing the file and setting Audacity to record.

See this wiki page (there’s a grey box right near the top with pertinent info):

Hello, thanks for the info, where do I find this:

“recording sources there. Instead, input sources are chosen at Edit > Preferences > Audio I/O tab in the “Recording Device” dropdown”

Is this on the audacity recorder or somewhere else.

BTW I can play ram files on media classic but window media player will not play.

Kind of a newbie on this.

The recording source needs to be selected in Audacity. Open it up and click Edit → Preferences → Audio I/O tab. Select the recording source you want.

The source for recording the speaker output is named at the whim of the sound card drivers, I can’t tell you what it will be called.

Hello again, I checked the audio i/o as suggested. This is what I found:

microftsoft sound mapper-output
In drop down are: speakers/headphones(sigma tel)

microsoft sound mapper-output
dropdown: Line in (sigma tel)
microphone "
rear mike "

Changed some of those items and tried to play a ram file saved in my hard drive but did not record.
So I’m guessing that it will not work

I also noticed in an example in the help section that shows the tool bar that in the mixer tool bar there is a box that show micro in the example, there is nothing in that box when I look at it.
Is something supposed to be there if so how does it show.


Many drivers disable the input selection menu in Audacity’s main screen, so if yours is blank I wouldn’t worry about it.

I think you may have missed this blurb in the wiki:

Note that input sources are sometimes available to use, but hidden. If you cannot see the input you’re looking for, click “Volume” under the “Sound Recording” panel again, then Options > Properties. Select your sound device in the Mixer Device panel, and ensure all the boxes in the window below are checked:

It’s located in the second half of that section of the wiki page I linked you to. There are 3 pictures showing Windows XP’s audio setup screens that you should take another look at. You might have access to the Stereo Mix input, but it might be disabled by default.

If you still can’t access it, then you should try to update your drivers:

Hello, one more time. I checked everything in my sound (SigmaTel) as far as I can tell it is set in stero.

I went back to audacity - audio I/O and changed the playback device from sound mapper to sigmatel speaker/headphones.

In recording changed device from sound mapper to linein sigmatel

It doesn’t appear to me that I will be able to convert the ram files I have store to wave or if there is a way I have not found it in audacity yet. Perhaps you might know of a way that I can accomplish it.

You put this portion in you last msg back to me: click “Volume” under the “Sound Recording” panel again, then Options > Properties. Select your sound device in the Mixer Device panel, and ensure all the boxes in the window below are checked"

Are you referring to my sound system on something in audacity? For instance how do I select my sound device in the mixer device panel? As you can sumise I am not all that up to speed. My age at 72 sometimes fails me on understanding, yet I want to learn.

Thanks for you advice to this point if you tire of my questions I can understand that.

Have a good weekend will look forward to any info and replies from you.

click “Volume” under the “Sound Recording” panel again, then Options > Properties. Select your sound device in the Mixer Device panel, and ensure all the boxes in the window below are checked

Don’t worry about the questions. We wouldn’t volunteer here if we didn’t want to answer them.

You’ll need to work with your Operating System software before working with Audacity. The Audacity setup is a piece of cake compared to the Operating System (you might already have Audacity setup correctly).

I don’t know if you’re using Windows XP or Windows Vista (you haven’t said). But this wiki page has info for both:

If you have XP, the info is about 1 page down from the top of that link, but the Vista help is right where the link should send you.

The basic idea is, you need to go through your Operating Systems software and make sure the input you need isn’t disabled by default. I can’t get any more specific than that without repeating what’s in the wiki already.

The important thing is, if it doesn’t work, you have two options. 1) The sound card drivers might be able to be updated and allow you access to the right input. 2) If it still doesn’t work then you need a new sound card.

Sorry, I purchased a Dell cp home basic vista in may. So the sound card is new. I think that is a lot of my problem. I spoke to a tech at dell and he told me tht this sound system (Sigmatel) is connected to the motherboard and he left me more confused than I was before.

I checked all the suggestions on the site you gave me. My line is working yet I have no sound from my cp when I use the line in from my cd player. I found a remedy for that I a $2.68 splitter and I can hear a song when it is playing.

I guess that I am going to have to look into an exteranl sound card, I know some of them are quite expensive, my son will help me with tht.

One more question, I have found that you cannot burn ram files to a cd unless you convert them to a wave sound etc. Do you have knowledge of a free converter. As I mentioned previously I used one from “Illustrate” but it will not work with my sound system.

Thanks again appreciate you input and help.


If you want an external sound card, the Behringer UCA202 gets mentioned a lot. It’s only $35. The Edirol UA-1EX also gets mentioned a lot, it’s nicer, but it’s $80.

I have no experience converting RAM files to WAV files. But searching for “ram 2 wav” on google got me several links to programs that say they can.

Thanks for your interest and help. I will close this thread and keep looking.