Recording Radio Show w/Windows 8.1

Is there an easy way to download a sports radio show on AM/FM radio? Thanks for any help provided.

To download it, someone would have to post the sound files on a server. I have a music system with a radio in it. I connect the stereo line-out to the computer line-in and record it in Audacity.

Most radios don’t have stereo line-out and most newer computers don’t have stereo line-in, but that’s the way. You can use a Walkman type personal music player if it has a headphone connection and a tuner, but you can’t connect that to most laptops.

You can instead use a USB sound adapter such as the UCA-202.


Oh, yes. Some shows stream live and you may be able to capture them with Self Recording.

But don’t depend on sporting events doing that. Their blackout services are legendary.


And another note. Don’t depend on AM radios working next to computers. Computers produce a healthy buzz on the AM band. You may need a long cable to connect them. Koz