Recording Questions (Need Answer ASAP to start Tomorrow)


How to do you record two mics at once? What do you need to set up to allow that before starting to record?
How do you use a prerecorded file on to the audio file (Let’s call it the timeline…where the recorded audio appears) after it is recored on another area - it being a microSD Card.
How to you bring two files together, can you cut and past parts of the timeline on to another one until they are one, then delete the other timeline and play it back?

This is just some of the questions I have to start with…Thanks for all the answers to come and those have come before. I need to know these things soon - so I can begin in to start practice recording in tomorrow. Thanks again.

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[quote="podcaster1115"]How to do you record two mics at once?[/quote]

What mics do you have now (make and model mumber)?

What version of OS X are you on?

Have you tried Create an Aggregate Device to combine multiple audio devices - Apple Support ?

This topic may be useful too: How to record using two (2) Rode USB Podcaster mics .

Be aware these two mics may drift apart over time, in which case you may have to speed change one of their recordings afterwards.

Amything wrong with dragging the file into the Audacity window?

See Audacity Manual .

Or if you are joining pieces one after the other you can use Time Shift Tool (F5) and keep the pieces on separate Audacity tracks.

If you want to paste in the middle of a track, click in the middle of the track you want to paste into.

To delete a track when you have cut bits out of it, click the top left of the track.


The way that I would recommend is to use two “conventional” (not USB) microphones and either plug them into a 2 channel USB microphone pre-amp, or plug them into a USB mixer, or plug them into a non-USB mixer and plug the mixer into a 2 channel “line level” USB audio device, or plug the mixer into a line level input on your computer (if your computer has “line in”).

How to set things up will largely depend on what equipment you are setting up.

How to set things up will largely depend on what equipment you are setting up.

And your goals.