Recording Question

This might be a dumb question and I apologize. I love making up songs and am now recording them on Audacity which I stumbled on by mistake. What awesome software by the way. Anyway I can record playing guitar and singing at the same time through the mic no problem. I am trying to record the guitar first and then lay down a second track for voice on top of it. Every time I do it the voice part is behind the guitar part in time. Now I know I’m not crazy…I know I am singing in time. Does anyone know why it does this? Is there a way I can move or mix the voice track so it starts a little later?

Use Audacity 1.3 and adjust the “Latency correction” in Preferences.
There is a tutorial about latency correction somewhere on his forum - a search might drag it up.

Thanks…I’ll check it out.

I think I found it. I’ll give this a shot. If anyone else has a better explanation please post it. Thanks again bro…

That’s the one I was thinking of.

There have been a few changes in Audacity concerning latency correction, so you may find some small discrepancies, but the underlying method is the same.