Recording Question

Hello, I am trying to play a cd from my cd player and convert it on the fly, when I click on the record button on audacity, I get a msg that the settings are not correct. I have used audacity in the past to do this

I have a line from my cd player direct to the sound plug in the tower, I also have a splitter that I use so that I can the music play while converting.

I have the two way splitter plug into my cd player with the line running to the tower, I have my my ear phones plug into the splitter yet when I click on the generate buttong to convert the music to wave, I then get the msg above at my age I don’t always remember the correct procedure and perhaps I am doing this wrong.

Appreciate any help. thanks

By far the best way to extract music from a CD and save as a file is to use a “Ripper” program. A very good free one is C-Dex

Thanks for your reply Steve, I found the problem.