recording quality

hi, im a dj and have started using audacity for recording my mixes im using pioneer cdj1000s and djm 700 and recording from my mixer (phono cable-mini jack)to a trust external sound card as my laptop has no line in… the sound quality is good but now and then when i listen back to my recorded mix it has little glitches in the sound like a needle jumping on a vinyl turntable and also seem to pick up soom slight distorted sound like when a tv has lost its signal (white noise style). any ideas how to stop this happening? cheers chris

It sounds very much like a USB problem.
Some general tips:

  • Check the Project Rate bottom left of the Audacity screen is set to either 44 100 or 48 000 Hz - setting a very high rate might overload the USB bandwidth and cause transmission problems

  • Check the USB cable for tightness at both ends and try using a different cable instead

  • Always use a spare USB port, not a hub

  • Limit USB bandwidth whilst recording by using other USB devices sparingly e.g. simply disconnecting from the internet may help if you use a USB modem for internet access.

  • Check for any system warnings (e.g. in Device Manager in Windows) about the Universal Serial Bus Controllers.

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