Recording Quality Question

Audacity 2.3.0/ Windows 10

Hello good day guys! I just have a question about my recording if you can help me with the quality.
I attached a sample of my record it’s a guitar rhythm… and if you’re going to listen to it you’ll hear like an alien noise a little bit along with the strumming.
I did my best to try to figure out how can that be removed, I checked instructions also on youtube, what I find out is that you can select a part of the record that is silent, then get noise profile, then noise reduction the whole part. Well I did that already, I took a noise profile of a quieter part then noise profile then noise reduction all, multiple times, and I can’t seem to remove that alien background noise. I mean there’s no more other quiet part on the record that I know of that I haven’t tried to get noise profile/noise reduction for the record.

Hope you could be able to help me with this record.


Noise-reduction has been applied to that, either by Windows, or by you, or both.
The damage done by noise-reduction is irreversible.

The Windows noise-reduction “enhancement” should be switched-off if you are recording music,
see … https://www.

Thanks. I re record and it went just fine now. Thanks,