Recording Problems

When I first started the program, everything was working fine…but after a couple of days when I tried to record it would start out normal but then everything started speeding up. I don’t understand why it just happened out of the blue. Any suggestions as to what happened?

You mean playback is faster, or that playback starts at normal speed and then speeds up after a few seconds, or that you have multiple tracks that are not lining up, ie some play faster than others? How fast is it speeding up?

some suggestions

this is from the link
“New Time Track
Creates a special track that can be used to speed up and slow down playback over the course of the project. This affects all tracks in the project.”
maybe you accidently did something here

read this link
and see if this helps

if you have different sample rates for when you record and when you playback you might find that it playsback sounding like chipmunks so check your sample rates

Thanks a lot. I don’t know what happened…but when I tried it again today it just go on track…I have no idea how…but thanks for helping…I keep that in mind if the problem happens again! :smiley: