Recording problems


I have the following problems concerning recording:

  1. When I press the record-button nothing happens. The time marker is frozen until I start e.g. a video - then the recording begins and the marker runs.

In my preferences >> recording section the option “Sound Activated Recording” is off.

A few month ago, when I actived the recording, the time marker started to run, even when there was no audio input (a flat line was recording).

  1. The other problem is that I have skips in the first few seconds - like LeeJames posted on Fri May 04, 2018 9:59 pm.

I have neither a WIFI actived nor a games paused; just Audacity and the IE is running. My antivirus had all it’s scans done and I excluded Audacitys’ temporary file directory from scan.

I hope you can help me!

I’m using Win10 x32, Audacity 2.2.2

And the one piece you missed: What are you recording?


Videos from YouTube.

The time marker is frozen until I start e.g. a video

Correct. Until you start one, there is no bitstream to record.


But some months ago I was able to record videos from YouTube without having an audio input at the beginning. The recording started immidiatly after pressing record.

Was there a change in Audacity? And what‘s with the skips?

Are you using WASAPI aa your host in Audacity (with loopback recording)? If so than the non=starting before the input stream becomes live is a Windows WASAPI “feature” and Audacity can do nothing about thtat.

Depending on your PC you may have “Stereo Mix” available as an inpuy if you switch the Host to MME od Widows Direct Sound.