recording problems

So I have been trying to record a podcast with audacity, using a U22 interface and an AKG p120 microphone. I have tried recording at 44100, 48000, and 192000 KHZ and on 16, 24 and 32 bit PCM. Each time I record little half seconds drop out and aren’t recorded. My computer recently upgraded itself to windows 10 and I can’t seem to get this to work properly. I downloaded the newest version of audacity and I’m still having some problems. If anyone knows the best settings for recording with the newest updates that be great

You can try increasing the [u]latency/buffer size[/u].

Or, there’s a [u]free online book[/u] about optimizing your computer for audio.

This type of problem is related to your multitasking operating system. Your operating system is always multitasking even when you’re running one application, but it’s best not to run any other applications while recording. When you’re recording the digital audio stream flows smoothly into a buffer (temporary storage) and then it’s read in a quick burst when the operating system gets around to it. If the buffer doesn’t get read in time you get buffer overflow and a glitch. (There is also a playback/monitoring buffer and the risk is underflow.)