Recording problems

Our original 8-year old computer used an analog cable from the Mackie 3204-VLZ3 soundboard to a line-in port on the back of the tower, not the mic input. When trying that on the new laptop, it produced unacceptable results. I managed to get the USB-USB to work, but don’t have the control available with a separate row of buttons dedicated to the analog output.

Is there a way to go from analog output from the Mackie to USB input to the laptop?

Fran McHugh, Old dog trying to learn new tricks.
Winslow, AZ

That’s a UCA202. I’ve had good luck with those.

Thanks for the suggestion. I found someone nearby who will lend me one to try on the laptop. If it works well enough, I’ll order one for the church soundbooth.

Audacity looks for new devices when it wakes up. So plug it in, let the computer mess with it and then start Audacity. There’s also a UCA 222. Aside from the color, I can’t find any differences. Koz

The good thing about the USB-USB is that there is no noise. The bad thing is that it is exactly the same signal as is fed into the sanctuary. The acoustics of the sanctuary can mask a voice that is a little off or even a good voice that is a little too loud, especially during congregational singing. The recording, otoh, seems to magnify those specific qualities.

My friend didn’t actually have the UCA202. He had a guitar cable that is 1/4" to USB with some kind of a chip at the USB end. It certainly worked better than plugging directly into the mic input, but it generated an unacceptable level of noise, even with no signal coming in.

Would the UCA202 or its ilk be better suited to the sound board and therefore less likely to generate noise? If so, I guess I’ll have to bite the bullet and purchase one to try. For the cantata on Sunday, I’ll definitely be using the USB-USB.