Recording Problems

I just recently downloaded audacity because a friend told me about it.Well the first day i installed it it worked perfectly fine,I hooked it up to my lambda omega interface and had no problems.Well last night we started to have a session and when i hit the record botton to record vocals all i can here is static.But if i just hit play the beat plays fine only when i hit record do i hear this static…Also i tired recording myself over the static and played it back and it plays back fine as well.What i said is very clear,on beat & i hear no static.Please someone help what am i doing wrong??? This is pushing me so far back from getting started on my current projects… :angry: :frowning: :blush: :imp:

I tried to find that on Google but no dice. Who’s the manufacturer? can you post a link to their web site.

What operating system are you using? (Vista? Win XP, Ubuntu 10.04…?)

Have you tried rebooting your computer?

Lexicon lamba ? (Lexicon make an “omega” too).