Recording Problems with audio capture device

Hi. I have a longstanding recording problem.I am a keyboard player. My Roland keyboard’s L and R output are connected to an audio capture device from Digital Life Model AV202-B.
This is designed to convert an audio signal into a digital signal, and is transmitted via USB to my Windows 11 PC. My device is recognised by the PC, but I can only record the tiniest really tinny level of input detected. Barely audible on playback.
I also use NCH software MixPad and the same occurs there too.
On my older laptop with Windows 10 it all works properly. But I need to use my PC because the screen is bigger. It would seem like the fault may be with Windows 11 ?
Any help gratefully received !

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Make sure Windows “enhancements” are turned OFF.

Thanks for that suggestion. I’m and old guy and would appreciate if you could explain simply how to do that.

From the horse’s mouth …

From YouTube …

NB: Disable the recording and playback audio enhancements for faithful recording & playback.

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