Recording problem

Hi everyone:
First, let me apologize for my complete ignorance on the topic, i.e. recoding. :blush:, as well as for posting this question in the wrong thread. I need some help (or a lot!). I need to record just my voice while listening to an audio file, let’s say coming from a video. Well for the purpose being, I think I’d rather tell you I’m training to be a conference interpreter, so I download speeches which afterwards I play and interprete just for practice and some critisim. The thing is that I play the original audio and, although I’ve set MIC in the options Audacity keeps recording my voice along with the original audio. :confused: :unamused: If I lower the volume for the original, I can’t listen to it obviously! So, pleeeeease, is there anyone who can give me precise instructions in plain English (avoid any technisms) on how to proceed for this particular task?
Thansks very much


Plain English is OK, but I like much better with whipped cream and maybe strawberries.


We need to make sure the right elf helps you, so you need to tell us the computer you use and the operating system. Windows XP? Mac OS-X? Also which version of Audacity?


Well, as far as I know Windows XP and Audacity 1.3 Beta (unicode), and as for the computer I don’t understand anything, but I know it’s not a laptop if that helps.

I’m actually not the right elf for Windows, but I can get you started until the real ones get here.

Edit > Preferences > Audio I/O > Overdub [X] Select

Everything else happens in the Windows Control Panels. You are recording “Mix-Out” which is the fancy name for everything in the computer’s speakers. That is the setting necessary for recording internet shows and music, but is the wrong setting for you.

Windows Control Panel

Past that, I’m as lost as you are.