Recording problem

New to this forum. I’ve used Audacity for years and it was working fine in August, but now I get a flat line and cannot record. Any ideas would be appreciated.

What are you trying to record? The microphone built-into your laptop? Streaming audio? Something else?

I’ve used Audacity for years and it was working fine in August

Same computer? Same hardware (same microphone, etc.)?

Streaming audio, Music. Desktop computer, same configuration, same microphone.

I’ve been trying different settings using songs from youtube to test with

Do you automatically apply all Windows updates? Windows did an update a short time ago that caused all kinds of problems.

I’m not a Windows elf, but start here and read down the Windows branch.


Does Audacity have permission to use your microphone? Windows requires this for any recording, regardless of whether you are recording with a microphone or recording anything else.

Yes, Audacity has microphone permission. Yes Windows updates automatically.

How are you doing that? “Stereo Mix”? “WASAPI loopback”? Some other way?

I reset to WASAPI and seems to work again. Some of my parameters had changed. Thanks for the help.