recording problem

rite,i have had audacity for about a month.i love it!but it seems that every time i try recording from my mic it doesnt play the sound as well as recording?!?!?!i mean its a major problem because im tryin to record for raps and stuff and im totally out of tune!

please help!

You need to have perfect pitch to use the Audacity vocal recording function.

Just kidding.

Audacity > Preferences > Audio I/O

Juggle between Software Playthrough and Hardware playthrough. Pick the one that’s least objectionable. Some don’t work and some play to your headphones late. Depends on the machine.


C’mon koz - don’t confuse the poor chap :smiley:

On Windows, it is highly recommended to NOT use “software playthrough” unless absolutely essential - it causes real bad echo delay. On Windows, “hardware playthrough” is not a selectable option - it is automatically set for hardware by default.

“play other tracks while recording new one” should usually be selected.