Recording problem

I am using Audacity to import vinyl to my Mac. Everything seems to work fine except I have pauses in my recordings. Not spaces. The music plays, stops and then continues on from the stopping point, pauses, then continues on again, pauses, and again continues on. Hopefully you get the picture. Everything else seems fine during recording. The music just plays and pauses throughout. Any help would be wonderful.

“Importing” vinyl? You mean recording?
Are you using a USB turntable? If not, how have you got it set up? Can you record successfully from other sources?

Thanks for replying.
Yes, I am recording from a turntable through a receiver’s headphone jack out to the audio input jack on the Mac. (not a USB turntable). I’ve used the instructions from “macinstruct” online following these instructions. Then I set up my systems preferences and downloaded Audacity and Lame as stated in these same instructions. After all of this was completed, I could record anything through the receiver, which also sends audio for both radio and television plus the turntable. I tested all to make sure Audacity was working correctly and as the signal came through, both left and right tracks were recording. It all seemed to record smoothly, but when I tested what I had recorded, that is when I came up with this problem. It plays back fine for maybe ten seconds, then pauses for a second or two, then starts again from the point it paused, then repeats this throughout the total recording time. It doesn’t seem to matter what I am recording, vinyl, tv, or radio. They all seem to be recording fine. There is no indication of pausing while recording that I hear. Playback otherwise sounds fine also, except of course for the pausing problem. Hope this is better explained.


Which one? Dual 2GHz G5? Tiger? Leopard? How big is your hard drive and how full is it?

You’re doing it the way I do it. It’s most unusual for Macs to have problems like this.

Are you trying to download porn while you’re playing your work? That may not work very well. You have to download the porn first, and then run Audacity.

Are you one of those lucky people trying to run Audacity 1.2.6 on an Intel machine? We take 1.2.5, not 1.2.6.


Or any process that is CPU or disk intensive.

IMac 2.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4GB memory, Leopard, 500GB Hard drive w/external TB, using Audacity 1.2.6. Never downloads for porn, thank you very much.

<<<Never downloads for porn, thank you very much.>>>

No, but you carefully installed the wrong Audacity. Our Intel machines take 1.2.5.


OK, I try that. Thanks