recording problem

ime very new to this so please bear with ime using windows 10 and recording from vinyl and internet am getting intermitant distortion starting with a small crackle then into a kind of burbling sound that often just goes away , what am i doing wrong help please

Make sure [u]Windows “enhancements”[/u] are turned OFF.

and recording from vinyl and internet

Those are two completely different things and you should be set-up differently. When recording the turntable, you should select the turntable-input (wherever it’s plugged-in) as your recording device.

For streaming audio [u]WASAPI Loopback[/u] should “exactly” capture the sound. (Windows enhancements should have no effect.)

thanks DVDdoug for the reply , tried what you said sadly made no change starting to wonder if it could be the ezcap device ime using ,any thoughts cheers

DVDdoug . looks like i stumbled on the problem ,in the audio host tab i had clicked on windows direct instead of mme stupid miskake eh thanks anyway