recording problem

hi there

I’m trying to record myself singing, multitracking myself to make up different parts of a chorus or choir.
The problem is, whenever I sing long note, something weird happens when I play it back
after a second or two, the quality and sound level of the note degrade, and it gets a sort of echo; when I stop the note, the ‘echo’ continues for a short time, but quickly fades away
it is almost as if audacity is trying to filter it out, after deciding it is not supposed to be there. I have searched through the preferences more than once and not found a solution there
I am using a mic attached to a headset. I do have a condenser mic, but have no preamp with which to boost its sound, so I can’t use it just now.

If you can help, I would be very grateful :slight_smile:


Windows machine, right? You can set the Windows sound panel up for some pretty entertaining problems. I believe you’re recording your voice and the Mix-Out of the sound card at the same time. This will give you recursive echoes since Mix-Out is slightly late compared to the main performance on Mic-In.

Windows Control Panel


Also, some headsets have “enhancement” features built in that can make a mess of your recordings. Best to get that condenser mic up and running as soon as you can.