Recording problem

Hello to all and all my best wishes for the year 2017. Here is my problem: when I make the copy of a vinyl record, the recording to the reading is distorted with a “phaser” effect … What -I do ??? Thanks (windows 10)

Please tell us exactly how the turntable connects to the computer? If you are connecting to the mic input, you are probably suffering from recording enhancements meant for recording speech. Turn those off as follows:

That may not be your only problem. A mic input is unsuitable for recording from an amplified signal (if you are connecting from a phono amplifier for example) and may be mono or at best poor quality stereo.


In fact, I use a DJ deck (SL-1200 MK2) with an Allen & Heath Xone 43C mixer. Then the recording output of the table (RCA) goes to the microphone input of the PC. I have already tried the method “Why do my recordings fade out or sound as if they were made in a tunnel?” But without success … Does it also work with Windows 10?


Is that your only physical audio input? The mic input is meant for low level (unamplified) signals from computer mics. Even it’s a “compatible” input that can adjust to pre-amplified stereo signals, the result is typically much lower quality than a proper stereo Line-In. My laptop has a “compatible” mic input. Using it for signals from a phono amplifier sounds very “phasey”, even with all enhancements off.


You should do yourself a favour and buy a USB sound card or USB interface with a proper stereo Line-In. The Behringer UCA 202 is popular. I use a Trust “Sound Expert External” USB sound card or sometimes Griffin iMic (some find the iMic noisy, but it works OK for me if the turntable is properly grounded).