Recording problem

I am using win 8.1, Sandberg USB sound box 7.1 and Audacity 2.0.5
I want to record music from tapes and records via amplifier output to Line In in the sound box. I can hear the music from the PC speakers, but I can not find the right set up of the incoming line to have the music recorded. I have tried to use “USB multi channel audi” with no effect.

Normally, you would be recording sound playing on the computer like this:

But you don’t have normal sound. Your sound device may try to force 7.1 surround or some other non-standard sound format. “USB multi channel audi” may not be the same as plain stereo that Audacity is expecting.

Your device may have special sound drivers or other software that allows sound interchange with non-custom services.


I’m with Koz… I’m thinking maybe there are 8 channels (7.1) coming-in and since you have only 2-channels connected, maybe Audacity is recording the wrong channels which are silent. (I don’t know how to fix that…)

I can hear the music from the PC speakers

Just to be clear, are your speakers connected to your regular soundcard (or built-into your laptop), or are they connected to the Sound Box?

If the sound (digital audio data) is getting into your computer through the USB and coming out of your regular soundcard or laptop speakers, I’d say you should be able to record it. If your speakers are connected to the Sound Box, the sound may be getting into your computer.

but I can not find the right set up of the incoming line to have the music recorded. I have tried to use “USB multi channel audi” with no effect.

That seems right… Are there any other USB choices? You’ve selected that as your Recording Input, right? The input and output devices are selected separately. The recording input in Audacity shows a microphone icon to the left. Take a look at [u]this page[/u].

Did you install the Soundbox driver? That might not be necessary, but it may also install a configuration utility or otherwise allow you to configure the device for the number of channels, etc.

Thank you to kozikowski and DVDoug for detailed analysis of my problem.

My speakers are connected to the sound box, the regular sound card in my PC is not working properly.
The soundbox driver is installed, and set to 2 channels.

I have tried all the different choices for Recording Input - no luck. When I use the microphone input and speak, I can record the voice. Somehow the input via Line-in is not getting through.

Do yuo have any other ideas.


I cannot record from my microphone/audio source
• Check that it is the USB box that has been selected as the recording device in Windows.
You do this under sound settings in the Control Panel. The device selected must be USB MultiChannel Audio Device.
• Check that the microphone or audio source is connected correctly. See section 2.
• Check that the sound for the microphone/audio source is turned on:
a) on the actual microphone/audio source.
b) in the software provided under the “Mixer” tab.
c) in Windows under the “Volume” icon in the notification area.

So it seems they are telling you to choose “USB MultiChannel Audio Device”. Are you choosing that input device in Audacity’s Device Toolbar? If you are, please post the information from Help > Audio Device Info… top right of the Audacity menus so we can see what inputs and outputs this device has.

Have you unmuted the input in the Sandberg mixer?

You may also contact Sandberg about the problem: