Recording Problem

I’ve imported an audio file bird song and that plays fine…but…cant edit it on ‘Record’ … the line is flat and I cant hear anything … help anyone …

Can you expand a little? I don’t quite get what you mean by cant edit it on ‘Record’. Go through the process step by step, then there will be something to work with.

When I import an audio file … in this case some bird song … I can hear it when I press PLAY …then I edit the song ( mainly fade in and fade out etc …but the RECORD button doesnt do anything when I press it to record the nes edited song …it worked last week!! … have I pressed something I shouldnt have ?

Do you have these songs all edited already and split up into different files? If so, you can just import them all individually into the same Audacity project.

If not, then I’m afraid I’m also confused. Tell us exactly where you’re getting the audio from (other files, CD, internet stream, etc), and then tell us exactly what you’re trying to do and we’ll be able to help a bit better.

Sorry to drag this out, but I’m still a little confused. If you import your bird song then apply Fade InFade Out, you don’t need to “Record” the new song - you need to preserve the resulting changes by saving it as an Audacity project or exporting as a WAV or MP3.

Talking about “Recording” implies that you want to add something to the track, for example adding a voice or guitar to the birdsong. Maybe we’re just getting caught up in terminology, or am I still missing something?

I’m doing exactly what you said … I fade in and fade out and then export as a wav …I’ve realized I dont need to Record … seems I’ll never know why it worked one day and not the next …the record button actually works on other stuff …thanks for all your help …software still excellent … probalems are at my end …