Recording problem

Hello,First of all my setup
Audacity version 2.0.3 from installer .exe
Operating System. Windows XP Build 2600.xpsp_sp3_gdr.12054-1619: Service Pack 3
PC. Compaq Presario (R) 4CPU 3/06GHz. 3.07GHz. 1.00GB Ram 32 bit.
Sound card. Using the built in one
Microphone. Free standing inexpensive USB one bought from China through the Internet.

The problem.
Quite often during long recordings the microphone Input Volume control flits from maximum, its usual position, to minimum and when I try to put it back it to maximum it won’t stay there no matter what I do. Has anyone any idea what is causing this and what I might do to cure it please?

Kind regards


Where exactly is it changing volume? The Audacity volume slider at the top? That can be bad communications between the computer and the microphone. Did you try plugging the microphone into a different USB socket?

Remember if you change USB connections, you have to restart Audacity to find it again.


Hello Koz,

Many thanks for that.

Yes the problem showed up in the slider at the top and I’m sure you’re absolutely right the problem lies in a faulty connection probably due to the long USB cable I’m using. I’ve ordered one of those cables that has a built-in booster and I’ll let you know if that cures the problem.

Kind regards,