Recording problem

Hello guys, I need a little help :confused: :confused: …when I first installed Audacity, I had no problem at all with my recordings :stuck_out_tongue: , but now I record one guitar, for example, and then when I start recording the second one, the first one is recorded too, like a background sound :unamused: . This happens on an on, so if I record 3 guitars, the last one is recorded with the others 2, and on and on…This didn´t happen in a lot of recordings that I have made with Audacity, that sound pretty awesome by the way :mrgreen: . Can you help me please.
I didn´t have a special configuration, that´s why I find what´s happening pretty odd :question: .

I have this software:
Windows 7 ultimate


I didn´t have a special configuration,

No, but you do now. When you tried to record that YouTube video sound, those settings do what you have.

Select the Input Device pulldown (microphone symbol) and make sure you’re recording from a real thing like Microphone, Line-In, etc, and not some magic software device like Stereo Mix or What-U-Hear. You can do this in Edit > Preferences > Devices, too.


I love you man…it seems it works now!!! :mrgreen: :smiley:

thanx man!!!