Recording problem

I am recording from an LP and the first time it stopped after 28 min. The second track stopped about 4 min.
How lang can i recording ?

Audacity has no recording limit, your problem lies elsewhere.

I assume you’re using a USB turntable.

This is a pretty mysterious problem, I haven’t seen a bulletproof explanation for it yet. But we do get this question once a week or so from people using USB turntables.

Almost certainly it’s an issue with either your USB port or a USB turntable.

Read through this thread, pay particular attention to Stevethefiddle and Waxcylinder’s posts:

If you have an analog output from your turntable, try using that.

Alternately, try using a different piece of software to record with. Windows users can try Windows Sound Recorder.

If you’re not using a USB turntable, then let us know more about your hardware and software setup.