Recording Problem

Hello Audacity Staff/Programmer

I’ve a very strange problem with Audacity!

I’ve this version: Audacity ® 2.0.0 (Unicode)

When I use Sound Recorder of Windows which is in it by default, then microphone works fine, I use skype it works fine there as well, but when i open audacity, Microphone stops working until i log off pc! Its very strange + some times it disables the PC voice as well!

I’m wanting to record some thing in my voice and audacity isn’t helping me out!

Please help me, thanks

Which Microphone?

please explain what do you want to ask?

Microphone Company or?

its Minghai H-450 Head Phone (including microphone to talk)

I’m trying to get a picture of what you are trying to do and what equipment you are using.

So you have a combined headphone/microphone set plugged into the mic and headphone sockets of your Windows 7 laptop and you want to record yourself singing?
Please correct anything that I’ve guessed wrong.

I’ve a pc (Dell) and I’m using Windows XP

I want to record my voice using Audacity but microphone not working!, but when I close Audacity or log off PC, Sound gets record easily with Sound Recorder (which is by default in windows)

I hope I’ve cleared my problem 8->

Problem is fixed

I changed option of Recording from Preferences and its fixed!