recording problem

I am using audacity 1.2.6 on Windows Xp. Whenever I try to record a cassette or vinyl, all I hear is the first note repeated over and over. This started happening after I reinstalled itunes9. Any ideas on how to get rid of the repeat mode while recording?

er… um… remove itunes seems like the logical choice ?

just guessing
uninstall audacity and reinstall it

still problems then
try the beta 1.3.9

That would be logical - or at least shut it down fully so that it is not running in the background while you are using Audacity.

I don’t think that uninstalling and reinstalling Audacity ever fixes anything. Sometimes resetting Audacity preferences can fix problems (the preferences are not removed when you uninstall, which is why uninstalling and reinstalling never makes any difference). In this case I doubt that this is the problem and suspect that it is iTunes relaying the sound back to Audacity. If the problem persists when iTunes is completely shut down then we can start looking at other possibilities.

Audacity 1.3.9 beta has some known bugs which have been fixed in Audacity 1.3.11. The recommended 1.3 version is currently 1.3.11 (personally I’d recommend this version to anyone that is using any operating system later than Win98).

some programs will fix themselves with a reinstall
previous program screws up some dlls or whatnot
reinstall puts back the ones that work right

nero and roxio seem to love doing that to each other
you cant ever have both of them on a pc at once without problems

completely uninstalled itunes and did not reinstall. Uninstalled Audacity 1.2.6 and installed 1.3 beta and still have the same problem. now what?

Now we reset Audacity Preferences:

Audacity Preferences are stored in a configuration file called “audacity.cfg” in the Audacity settings folder. The configuration file can be edited with any text editor. The Audacity settings folder is located at:

Windows XP : Documents and SettingsApplication DataAudacity

You will need to enable viewing “Hidden files” to find audacity.cfg

To reset preferences to factory settings:

  1. Exit Audacity
  2. Open audacity.cfg in a text editor and remove all the content except the line “NewPrefsInitialized=1”
  3. Save the changes to audacity.cfg and restart Audacity

On launch, Audacity should ask you to select your language.

I think you might be a genius!!! So far it works. The true test of the fix will be what happens after I turn my computer off and on again and then after I install itunes again. Thanks for the help. I can get quite a bit done before messing with itunes.

No, I just read the manual and then played with it :wink: