Recording problem

When i tried to record . and lick on the record buttom . it always says << error while open sound devide , please check the input devide settings and the projects sample rate >> . i do not know what happen . please help me to fix it .thanks

I don’t normally laugh at typos, but this one is good.

What Audacity is trying to tell you is that it can’t get your sound card to start recording. This could be caused by a number of problems, most of them OS specific. I can cover the generic problem, but you have to tell us what Operating System you’re using if that doesn’t help.

Generically, if you try to record at a sample rate that isn’t supported by your sound card, Audacity will spit out that error. Set the sample rate to 44.1KHz or 48KHz and that problem should be avoided.

Another problem might be that you don’t have a recording source selected. In Audacity, click Edit → Preferences → Audio I/O tab. What sources are listed under Playback Device and under Recording Device?

make sure alll other sound software is closed before starting audacity.